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The Saudi society of nephrology and Transplantation

SSN&T was founded in 2001, under the initiative of King Saudi University, a premier educational institution in the Middle-East. The SSN&T aim to promote the prevention and treatment of kidney disease through leadership, education research and scientific communication. Our goal is to impart scientific knowledge in the Nephrology & Transplantation field. We have an accessible team dedicated to improving the renal care. To help accomplish this purpose, the Society is committed in organizing activities which include workshops, courses, seminars, and international conferences. These activities have been highly successful, reflecting the commitment and contributions of the society’s activities. The mission is to promote the prevention and treatment of Kidney Disease through leadership, education, research, and scientific communication.

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The Goals of SSN&T are

a) To develop and promote educational activities for health workers in renal care.
b) To participate in spreading public health awareness and to provide support for renal patients.
c) To develop professional and scientific practice of the Society members.
d) To ease the exchange of research outcomes and scientific ideas between local and international agencies and institutes concerned.
e) To participate in formulating plans related to renal diseases and transplantation.
f) To promote the highest quality of care for patients with renal diseases.


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